The Hormel Inspired Pathways Program

Creating scholarship opportunities for children of Hormel Foods team members from the ground up

Hormel Foods has a wide variety of fantastic benefits that employees and their families can take advantage of. However, there was a gap identified by our team and the folks at Hormel Foods while discussing ways the company could give back. While there are a number of ways for employees to further their education with Hormel Foods support, there wasn’t yet a program in place to help the children of employees better themselves through education. That’s where our team stepped in.

Hormel Inspired Pathways website, mocked up

After researching / gaining an full understanding of the challenge, the Attention Span team worked with Hormel Foods to develop the Hormel Inspired Pathways program. Inspired Pathways grants two-year college degree program tuition to the dependent children of all Hormel Foods team members in the United States. The program is designed to be inclusive of all dependent children of Hormel Foods team members, and is not based on achievement of a certain test score or GPA. The only requirements academically are that the student graduates from high school and meets the entry requirements of the community college. We also partner with community colleges in cities where we have operations to help better serve students. In addition to the tuition assurance program, program resources and community mentorship committees will be provided to bring resources to the students, including assistance with applications, internships and other career development opportunities.

Inspired Pathways: By the Numbers

Total Students Supported


Total Pathways Students in Two Year Programs


Total Scholarship Applications


Creating and Running the Program

  • Designed and created the program, the rules and other details needed.
  • Built the Hormel Inspired Pathways Website, which, in addition to defining the program is also how students apply.
  • Began marketing the program to the Hormel Foods US team, no small feat given the wide range of languages spoken, comfort with technology, and different preferred methods of communications and more among the employees.

From creating and leading online workshops for all children of Hormel Foods employees to creating print and digital reminders and promotional material, to administering the program, our team is proud to be deeply involved in every aspect of this incredible benefit.