The Future of Sports

Futurists & experts look downfield to the next 25 years of sports

We’re excited to announce The Future of Sports, a project we at Attention Span have been heading up with the backing of Delaware North and the Jacobs family, owners of the Boston Bruins.

After months of research and interviews by a team of amazing writers and editors including Josh’s former Wired colleagues Po Bronson (Top Dog) and Ethan Watters (Crazy Like Us, Urban Tribes), the print and digital versions of the Future of Sports are now available.

We tapped into the vision and intellect of a broad group of scientists, forecasters and tech and business firebrands. The scenarios they helped us create range from fascinating to, in some cases — particularly athletic performance and broadcasting — a little disturbing.

Both print and digital versions are designed and art-directed by a hugely talented team including Attention Span’s own Tyson Law.

IMG_2422 IMG_2434

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