The Future of Health

How we can better seize the opportunities presented by the emerging technologies of today and tomorrow to reengineer our health system with compassion, common sense and ethical clarity?

To answer this question and a few more, we reunited with leaders from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at UB and the Jacobs Institute. This 11 topic report presents some dire statistics, but leads with optimistic takes about the treatments for cancer, the use of AI to improve patient care, increasing “healthspan,” and neuro-connected bionic prosthetics.

Here are Dr. Allison Brashear (dean of the Jacobs School of Medicine) and Dr. Adnan Siddiqui (CEO of the Jacobs Institute) providing a glimpse into the report, why it was created, and who should pay attention.

Topics include:

01 Tomorrow’s Careforce
02 Patient Experience
03 Self-Health Rising
04 Live Long and Prosper
05 Make Me Bionic
06 Healthcare Economics
07 Climate Change x Health
08 Politics and Healthcare
09 The Future vs. Cancer
10 Brain Health
11 Wellness and Nutrition

More about The Future of Health:

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