Imagining the First CNC Newsletter

Getting the Word Out to Cancer Patients

Ensuring people know about, and have access to, the Cancer Nutrition Consortium’s resources is key to their mission. 

Being able to work with the CNC is something we at Attention Span are extremely proud of. The CNC does amazing work improving the lives of people going through cancer treatment and recovery. Their research, recipes, articles, answers to frequently asked nutrition questions, and support are all driven by the top experts in the field. 

More than just a Newsletter

Though the CNC has a highly-trafficked website and social media channels, we suggested a new component – a printed newsletter. By presenting a sampling of the CNC’s best works in this format, we believed the CNC could more readily reach people in medical institutions–doctors, nutritionists, and patients–at critical times. Print literature is heavily consumed in healthcare settings and provides a lasting source for future consumption.

It’s easy to put words on a page; it’s not easy synthesizing complex information and building a beautiful and functional piece of design. We took the CNC’s most popular resources, including seasonal recipes, recent expert-authored nutrition articles, a summary of current and past research initiatives, and a recap of their giving efforts—and created the CNC’s first newsletter. In addition, we designed corresponding social media posts, email blasts, and website updates to further the message.

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The same consideration was put into every piece of this project – each post, web update, and print draft was meticulously crafted. No component was too small for us to draft and redraft until we got it just right.

The Results

Fewer than two weeks after printing, the CNC had distributed the entire first run and, due to demand, a second printing! The information in the newsletter has reached over 32,000 people via paper copies, digital copies, and correlating social posts. More importantly though, this information is finding more people and allowing them  access to the CNC’s expert resources.

Learn more about the CNC by visiting, or by following them on social media @cancernutrition.