Epic Brand Animation

Stop-motion unleashed in Austin, Minn.

“Spirit Week,” a virtual Hormel Foods celebration held in September 2020, was filled with events to reinforce team culture and honor the inspired people and brands of the company.

Goal: Create a brands-focused, thoughtful and inspiring introduction to the celebration. 

Result: We tapped award-winning London-based artist Andrew Scott, and worked with him to produce this vision of Hormel Foods. With the constraints of creative production during the pandemic in mind, and only a two week runway, we crafted a lighthearted, energetic approach to highlighting brands that didn’t require a big production process. This stop-motion animation features products and sets made entirely of paper and watercolor paint that dance across the screen. 


27th Annual Gold Communicator Award of Excellence for Branded Use of Animation

Gold 2020 NYX Marcom Award for Branded Motion Graphics

Silver 2020 NYX Marcom Award for Branded Animation