Seth Moulton for Congress

Electing Seth Moulton to Congress, defeating an 18 year incumbent democrat

Seth Moulton had never run for office before and was a relative unknown in the 6th District of Massachusetts when he decided to run for Congress as a democrat – against an 18-year incumbent democrat no less.

But Seth Moulton believes we need a new generation of leadership in Washington that will put the nation before politics. He believes in serving nation ahead of self, and as a United States Marine who has served 4 tours in Iraq–he has led by example.

That’s why we were so excited to work with Seth on his first campaign. Attention Span was initially charged with supercharging the campaign’s social media efforts, and we now lead the campaign digital and communications strategy and execution.

After a stunning victory in the MA primary, Seth went on to create national headlines by winning the race in November of 2014. And as a Congressman, he has hit the ground running with a bipartisan, progressive approach already making a difference by fighting for veterans healthcare, equal rights and economic development.