Serving Up Hope

Hormel Health Labs dishes out delectable desserts to the residents of two American Cancer Society Hope Lodges.

We’re lucky to work with Hormel Health Labs (HHL), a team that helps those suffering from various health challenges by providing them with safe, nutritious and delicious food. When we say delicious, we mean it. Imagine drinking a rootbeer float or a chocolate milkshake, eating butter pecan ice cream. HHL serves up these flavors in their products while also providing nutrition to folks managing health issues. 

With our help, Hormel Health Labs launched the HHL Ice Cream Shop at its headquarters in Austin, MN in July of 2019 as a way to serve up treats to colleagues. The response was overwhelming. They ran out of all the desserts and shakes they provided!  

Road Trip

Attention Span helped HHL organize an event at the Sandra J. Schulze ACS Hope Lodge in Rochester, MN. As part of that event, they deployed the Hormel Health Labs Ice Cream Shop! The team at the Hope Lodge in Rochester was thrilled to have an event that served special frozen treats to their guests. Part of our job entailed making the shop look and feel like a soda fountain of yesteryear. Our design team created an old-fashioned logo to brand the tables and cups, and dressed the “shop” servers with branded soda fountain aprons and hats.

Cross-Country Road Trip

Rochester’s event surpassed everyone’s expectations. The Hormel Foods and Hormel Health Labs teams were able to connect directly with guests, and provide some enjoyment through conversation and ice cream! A second event was planned for October, and the team traveled down to the Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge in New Orleans, LA to dish out another round of desserts, sorbets and other frozen treats.