New Leadership / New Branding

Serve America Victory Fund logo design

At Attention Span, we’re always excited to work with our friends at New Politics, a bipartisan organization promoting a new generation of leadership in governments all around the country. They help national service alumni and military veterans run for public office in an effort to promote bipartisan cooperation, inciting political progress with a fresh perspective. When New Politics asked us to donate our time in designing a logo for an event put on by the Serve America PAC, we were thrilled to partake.



Our design lab wanted to create a multi-purpose logo for the event that could be presented in a wide variety of formats. We worked to create a visual image that could stand on its own or be used as a part of any number of larger graphics and designs. Since service and leadership are hallmarks of the Serve America PAC, these traits were a focus for us as well, dictating color, imagery, messaging, and more.



Used on everything from stickers and buttons to social media posts and printed brochures, this design succeeded in its quest to be versatile. We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to help our colleagues through designs such as this and through all other means at our disposal.

For more information on the parties involved in this project, visit: Seth Moulton, New Politics, Serve America PAC