Meet The Congratulator

Someone you know deserves kudos. Find out who.

The Congratulator is here. We built it to provide an easy way to thoughtfully congratulate your professional connections on career milestones like new jobs, promotions and work anniversaries.

Using data from the LinkedIn Platform, The Congratulator lets you know which of your connections deserve to be congratulated, and presents an assortment of gifts to send them, in a few simple steps. Peju Winery is our featured launch partner.

Not only does Peju offer a delicious selection of wines made from organically-farmed fruit, but also brings a track record of dedicating proceeds from its wines to the greater good. In this case, 10% of the proceeds from Peju Congratulator sales will go to Dress For Success, a nonprofit that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a support network, and professional development tools.

It started out with the observation that while social media gives us a lot of opportunities to congratulate people, there are too many hops between the common intention of sending a congratulatory gift and actually sending something – the result being that all we usually muster up is a nice comment online. The Congratulator helps the gap between the great intentions and execution.

Please give The Congratulator a spin, find out who deserves to be congratulated, and make their day with a gift of great wine. If you think your company’s products or services would be a good fit for the Congratulator, contact us at: