Mastering Cancer Nutrition

Hormel Vital Cuisine hosts Hope Lodge Event

In partnership with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC), Hormel Health Labs developed Hormel Vital Cuisine, a line of products specifically formulated for the nutritional needs of people undergoing cancer treatment. Since its creation in 2016, Vital Cuisine has been endorsed by the American Cancer Society (ACS), and is an active partner in helping put on ACS events across the country. The most recent involvement took place this summer, with Attention Span organizing a smoothie tasting event at the ACS Hope Lodge in New York, NY. Vital Cuisine products took center stage, along with the CNC’s Certified Master Chef and Board of Directors member, Ron DeSantis.

The afternoon began with DeSantis giving the audience of cancer patients tips and advice on how to best use protein sources to their advantage and a demonstration on how to create tasty, nutritious smoothies. DeSantis then invited attendees into the kitchen to try their hands at various smoothie recipes, two of which he created for the event.

This event proved to be a heartwarming experience for the Attention Span team, and helped reaffirm our commitment to the work we’ve been doing with Hormel Vital Cuisine and the CNC.

For some added fun, Attention Span set up a photo booth for participants between blender stations.