Listen to this Marine

Iwo Jima survivor story goes viral for Seth Moulton campaign


Seth Moulton is a former Marine who served four tours in Iraq, and is now Congressman for the Sixth District of Massachusetts. For Seth’s 2016 campaign for Congress, we have focused on innovative, compelling ways to get the word out about Seth and his positions on the issues.
Perhaps no issue is more important in this 2016 election than the choice for President of the United States. Enter Larry Kirby, WWII veteran, Iwo Jima survivor, former Marine, and current friend and supporter of Seth Moulton.

Mr. Kirby supports Seth’s view that Donald Trump is unfit to be our commander-in-chief. We created this video so Larry’s compelling perspective could be heard. Here is his story:


Within one week it surpassed 100,000 views on Facebook. A week later:

  • 225,000
  • 6,300
  • 200

And counting.