Inspired Profiles: Watch, Read, Listen

Putting a face to the company name by highlighting individual company affiliates including partners, employees or product consumers.

Attention Span Media has been given the opportunity to create Inspired Profiles for Hormel Foods’ website. Inspired Profiles take a multi-platform approach to storytelling. Profiles combine the best of photography, videography, podcast, and written communication to provide an in-depth view of the person.

We develop these individual narratives to invite consumers to form a deeper connection with Hormel Foods based on the shared human experience. This service conveys the message that a company is comprised of individuals, each with their own story to tell. 

Profile: Wilson Tang

Wilson Tang, a ChinaTown restaurant owner, had a near escape on 9/11 that altered the trajectory of his life. Tang worked in finance on the seventy-fourth floor of the World Trade Center South Tower. This escape from death altered his perspective on his life’s work and led him to return to his routes in the foodservice industry. Tang’s business and digital expertise allowed him to amplify the family restaurant.

The Result: Story and Podcast

ASM wanted listeners to experience this moving story through the voice of Wilson himself. In addition to a written article, the inspired profile includes a video and podcast. This multi-platform approach to storytelling fully immerses the consumer and provides an in-depth view of the life of Wilson Tang.

Profile: Lucy Bernas

Lucy Bernas underwent several facial reconstructive surgeries following the removal of stage three squamous cell carcinoma that left her unable to speak, swallow, or taste food. As someone who loves nothing more than to share stories and meals with friends, she did not let this stop her. During her time as a resident at the Hope Lodge, a home for out-of-town cancer patients undergoing treatment, Bernas spent her time preparing food for other patients. Cooking, cleaning, and rearranging the kitchens helped Lucy endure the pain of her surgeries as she found comfort in taking care of others.  

The Result: Story and Video

ASM had the pleasure of visiting Lucy at the hope lodge to prepare her written and video narrative. We wanted to tell her beautiful story while showing Lucy at work, helping others in her favorite environment: the kitchen.