Empowering Citizens through Grassroots Organizing

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election there was a new found sense of political activism within democratic constituents across the country. Massachusetts 6th district was no different. Seeing an opportunity to get more American’s involved in the political process Attention Span Media in conjunction with the Seth Moulton Campaign team formed #Icommit2.

The Challenge

Creating an outlet for the new grassroots energy within Massachusetts 6th and the nation. Getting newly politically engaged citizens together so they could take the reins and move Icommit2 forward themselves.

Our Role

Attention Span played a key role in conception and maintenance of #Icommit2 as strategic leads, designers, developers and content creators.

Our Work

  1. Planned and implemented Icommit2 from top to bottom
  2. Created a website Icommit2.us
  3. Created the Icommit2 Facebook group


  1. Over 2,000 members on the Icommit2 Facebook page
  2. Dozens of commitments logged through the website
  3. Icommit2 rally in Massachusetts 6th that drew 500+ people
  4. Formation of a dozen or more interest groups under the Icommit2 umbrella