Hormel Vital Cuisine Carepack

Helping cancer patients with access to thoughtful nutrition

The HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ Carepack was originally created to offer nutritional support for those undergoing cancer treatment. While in treatment, patients are often left feeling weak, sick and without the energy to make nutritious meals for themselves. Each Carepack contains three ready-to-eat meals, three protein shakes, two 100% whey protein powder packs and one durable shaker bottle. This variety gives patients the convenience of having several high quality, protein-dense options at their fingertips.

Unfortunately, financial struggles during cancer treatment are common. Because of this, patients oftentimes aren’t receiving the unique nutritional support necessary for their health. The Cancer Nutrition Consortium (CNC), an organization instrumental in the creation and quality of HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™, saw an opportunity to help. Through a revolutionary partnership, the CNC and HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ have launched a public online application to send a Carepack to someone undergoing cancer treatment. Meant to support those who may not have the financial means to support their nutritional health during treatment, you can now send a Carepack to yourself or a loved one, courtesy of the CNC and HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™.

HORMEL VITAL CUISINE™ and the CNC set out to create resources and aid for those in treatment. This project has afforded the opportunity to help in the most fundamental way possible – by feeding those in need.