CulinaryNXT Branding

Certified “old-world charm” for a Certified Master Chef and his new venture.

After 30+ years in the food industry, Certified Master Chef Ron DeSantis created an innovative food service advisory practice. We’ve collaborated with Ron on several food industry projects. He’s a wonderful collaborator, which made turning our attention to his new venture a particularly exciting prospect.

Ron DeSantis: I need a logo.

Us: We can help! Let’s work on it together!

We quickly developed a few thoughts / goals / considerations with Chef Ron:

  1. Old-world charm + forward-looking perspective
  2. Refined but approachable
  3. Clear, simple

The Results

The Process

After a brief discovery period we got to work. Our design team created approximately 15 options for discussion. Once we all settled on what would become the final design concept, we moved on to exploring different ways in which to present it, different typefaces to pair it with, and an examination of what the logo would look like in a myriad of different settings.