Communicating Corporate Responsibility – 2018

Every year, we help Hormel Foods capture the enormity of their corporate responsibility efforts with design and strategy

We help the Hormel Foods communication team go above and beyond every year, producing a corporate responsibility report that not only tells the story of the company’s commitment to good corporate citizenship but shows it. From infographic sketches to report printing, we work closely with the Hormel Foods team to ensure this report’s graphical language appropriately captures the impressive enormity of their efforts. Our 2018 efforts include the website, printed collateral, and an archive PDF that contains the full 2017 corporate responsibility report.

1. The Corporate Responsibility Website

The main hub of the Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility report

We advise the Hormel Foods communications team on content strategy, including image asset selection, infographic display, copy editing and refinement and overall design direction.

2. The 2017 “Printed” Report

The full report, designed as a printable book.

We advocated for the transition away from providing long-form printed reports, which can be wasteful in terms of paper use. Instead, the main hub for their yearly reports is the website version of the report. However, there are still folks that prefer to read these in hard copy, so our design team provides a full book, in PDF form, available on the corporate website for that audience. It also serves as the version that gets archived each year.

3. The Brochure

A short-form leave-behind for the sales and executive teams.

4. CR – By The Numbers

A full-page spread for Inside Hormel Foods magazine highlighting the major milestones for 2017.