Cofounder Featured in FOX Sports

FOX Sports columnist Martin Rogers interviewed Josh McHugh, our CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the future of sports and future of medicine. The main topic was whether technology would help future athletes remain at an elite level of performance (e.g. Tom Brady) at an increasingly older age.  Enter regenerative medicine and telomere maintenance…

Here are a few notable excerpts:

“McHugh has never stopped thinking about what’s next for sports, even while working on other projects, such as the Future of Medicine and an upcoming look into youth sports, which he hopes will become more egalitarian over time.”

“Beyond its direct impact on athletes, the [Future of Sports] report had some seriously cool ideas. It imagined spring-loaded, carbon fiber basketball floors to reduce injury and add height to a player’s vertical leap, augmented reality to allow life-sized, 3D replays and stadiums with extended fan zones hosting up to 250,000 spectators, with lower footprints thanks to the space saved by self-driving, self-parking vehicles.”

“There was also one prediction McHugh wishes had turned out to be completely wrong. “We predicted a global pandemic,” he said, with the [Future of Medicine] report believing an outbreak was inevitable because of the scale of worldwide travel and predicting that pathogen checkpoints would need to be implemented. “Not glad about that one.”