adidas Story Challenge Design

Attention Span Media worked with the Adidas Future Team to design the printed materials supporting their internal storytelling competition in Portland, OR.

The goal of this event was to get the Portland adidas team’s creative juices flowing and become better, more effective storytellers. 12 teams were given topics to look into and develop a compelling story to present at Clinton Street Theater. We were given free rein to design the printed materials for this event. We focused on the concept of story building, presentation, and the different directions each team could take to arrive at their final ideas.

Event Poster

An informational poster hung throughout the adidas Portland campus to spread awareness of the event.

Event Tickets

Admission tickets for entry. 

The Event Booklet

A tangible item for participants and audience to reference for storytelling information and inspiration during the challenge

The Story Kit

Each team received 1 story kit printout about their specific challenge with information and list of background materials to get started.