Mission: Holiday Card 2020

For our fourteenth year—one filled with challenges—we activated our holiday card, and used it to show our commitment to our team, to our clients, and to our planet.

Regeneration is the Future

In line with our company commitment to the health of our planet, for each recipient of this card, we converted 10 acres of grazing land from conventional to regenerative, through a donation to the Savory Institute

Design Highlights: The Mission Patch 

What does it represent? We’ve taken some inspiration from the David Saint-Jacques mission patch from the Canadian Space Agency’s Expedition 58/59. Below are the descriptions from the holiday card that describe the elements in the mission patch and sticker. 


2020 was Attention Span Media’s 14th year. We are grateful to our 2020 team, whose initials adorn the rim. 

Logo ascent

We endeavor to be a positive force of change for our clients.


We’re tracking over 200 Forces of Change™ shaping the future. Here are some we predict will rise in 2021 headlines:

  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Machine learning in medicine 
  • Blockchain


We are all connected to each other. Appreciating those bonds is especially important during a time of crisis or pandemic. For each other and for the health of our environment, we understand we play an integral role as stewards here. We strive to make every revolution of this earth matter. We are grateful to have spent some of this one with you. 

Trails and side swoosh

These soaring trails represent our 3 focus areas: Food, Sports, and Healthcare. 

The Green side swoosh represents our commitment to non-profit work.