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Case Study: Skybound / TWD Fan engagement

Advanced targeting and organic interactions increase fan engagement


Fan activation
Increase site traffic
Merchandise sales

Skybound Media, the company behind the comic The Walking Dead, wanted to engage their rabid fan base on Twitter in a more organic way. Over the next few months, @TheWalkingDead sent over 4,000 highly targeted direct messages, all designed to activate their most valuable fans with specific CTA’s.

Overall Campaign

Total Direct Messages: 4,139
Total Conversions: 2,389
Overall Conversion rating: 57.7%
Total potential impressions: 169.32 Million

Highlight Initiative

When Skybound was ready to release The Walking Dead merchandise from their successful 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, they wanted to increase organic word of mouth on Twitter.

Targeted followers talking about Comic-Con and hashtag #SDCC2016.
Generated over 6M potential impressions

915Direct messages