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Case Study: Food Truck Frenzy

A Frenzy indeed!

Food Truck Frenzy - Jennie-O


Create a promotional event with a social media component to help celebrate Hormel’s 125th anniversary celebrations involving the community in Austin, Minnesota.


Using Hormel’s fleet of food trucks we created a scavenger hunt style contest, aimed at promoting the #Hormel125 hashtag and generating interactions with Hormel’s subsidiaries.


Design the submission guidelines
Create clues, posters and other promotional material for before and during the event
Propose strategic locations for truck placement around Austin, MN to leverage foot traffic, but also engage with the landmarks around town
On-site assistance for photography, collecting entries and selecting contest winners


With over 2,000 participants, at just one of the food trucks, conservative estimates put attendance at around 3500 attendees

360 unique posts generated around the event
1.8million Social impressions for #Hormel125 on the day of the event

Food Truck Frenzy